Magga Dóra

Magga Dóra

User experience designer with background in psychology and computer science. Loves anything and everything that has to do with user behavior. Also loves travelling, photography and teaching. Please refer to her CV for details. One of the founders of Arctic Girl Geek Dinner - Tæknitátur.

Watch me at TEDx Reykjavik in 2009

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If you have found this page you must be interested in hiring Magga Dora or at least in knowing more about what she can do.

First, let me give you a summary:
– I have been working 13 years in software development
– I am a master facilitator with many tricks up my sleeve to understand user needs
– I have outstanding skills in communicating user needs to development teams and motivating developers in meeting them
– I am a problem solver with the ability to get to the crux of the matter
– I am a designer who understands how to make your users successful in what they need to do
– I am a teacher who can explain intangible concepts and inspire passion with her students

Details in my resume.

A portfolio for a user experience designer is always a bit awkward because the experience can’t be grabbed easily with screenshots. Also, the screenshots show the visual design done by my wonderful colleagues the graphical designer. So my “portfolio” includes examples of my work and gives a little insight into my work process as a designer. It includes examples of my work for Siminn (Iceland telecom). My main focus there was on internal tools and therefore I must ask you to not distribute the portfolio to anyone except those involved in the hiring process.

Design examples from Magga Dora.

The biggest project I took part in at Siminn was an overhaul of the technical environment for the front line staff. I submitted two conference papers on this project to get feedback on my design process from my peers. They were presented at NES2008 and NordiCHI2010. At NES2008 we were granted the NES award for the best ongoing ergonomics project.

I have been teaching the human factors course at the University of Iceland since 2003. The course overview, gives you a feeling for what I have been teaching my students.

You can even take a look for yourself at how i present myself. Here is my TEDx Reykjavik talk on how to guide the user to success.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a call.

Email: maggadora(at)
Phonenumber: 617-866-7275


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  1. Alison Becker says:

    Hi Magga,
    OMG Hemmeker Schlemmer.. I still have a gilhoulie that was my mom’s opens jars you struggle with just like that.. I so remember the catalogues and being intrigued by the gaggets..

    Reaching out to chat with you about a UX opportunity with a new to Boston digital agency Rightpoint. They recently acquired Agency Oasis and are looking to expand their UX team. should you be open to new opportunities would love to chat.. also can you email me your password link.. thanks,
    Look forward to connecting and more..

    Alison Becker

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